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White River Christian Camp 2024
August 3 through 10

To The Glory of The King

"It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of Kings is to search things out"
Proverbs 25:2

     In another time, more than a century ago, they came by horse and buggy, by train, and on foot to the same 7 acres of land nestled in a little plateau alongside the Connecticut River. Year after year, they came to renew friendships and to forge new ones, to bask in the sweet fellowship of family, and to come aside from the normality of life to restore their spirits. Most of all, they came to meet with God. This tiny plot is holy ground where God would faithfully meet them that they might rest in His presence.

     Now, one hundred thirty-five years later, a new generation makes their way down the hill to Ole’ White River. They come now in automobiles, motorcycles, and houses on wheels - but they come for the same reason: To meet with each other and together, to meet with God!

     Our president this year has prayerfully chosen our theme for the week. “To the Glory of the King.” We are praying that each heart will beat with the same rhythm, that each voice will lend its praise to a single sound, and that together we will once again bask in the sweet presence of the King; that once again we will be refreshed in Him, that brokenness will be knit, that wounds will be touched by the balm of His grace, that we each will find refuge, if but for a few days, from the exhaustions of what has become “life.”


     Above it all, we would pray that when we break camp, we will have ourselves ministered to our King and brought glory to His Mighty Name.

Photo Credit: Craig Reynolds

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Evangelical Retreat Center

White River Christian Camp is an evangelical retreat center with Advent Christian heritage since 1887. The camp is available for rent throughout the year (except for the winter months) and is the site of our annual White River Camp Meeting which is conducted the first week of August every year.

For information on rentals please visit our Accommodations page.

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