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Our 2023 Program

Life in the Spirit

"the law of the Spirit has set me free"

August 5 thru 12, 2023

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Saturday nite Ministry

Dynamic Ministry by Les and Linda Green

     Les Green, an experienced communicator and soloist, is no stranger to Christian music. While attending Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts, he formed a quartet called The Helmsmen, which continued for several years after college and won many Christian music awards. In 1974, Les joined the Dove Award nominated quartet The Envoys. At that time, Les and Linda moved to Charlotte, N.C., The Envoys base of operations. Les’ vocal range and diversity proved to be a valuable asset while performing with the Envoys, both on their T.V. program aired on the CBN network and also for notables such as Bill Gaither, Rex Humbard, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham.

     After leaving The Envoys in 1978, Les pursued a solo ministry for the next eight years while also recording background vocals for various artists including the Glenn Miller Orchestra. In 1986, after much prayer, Les’ ministry changed forever when Linda, an elementary school teacher and his wife since 1971, left teaching to travel and sing with him full-time. Linda’s addition brought not only a genuine Christian commitment but a great vocal talent as well. Her rich but gentle Alto voice has ministered to thousands of people through songs like: “I Miss My Time With You,” and the beautiful, “Touch Of The Master’s Hand.” 

     The Greens’ style of music reflects the diversity of years of experience. From a warm, family Gaither melody, to a “let the joy out” Southern Gospel song, to a contemporary praise and worship chorus, every song on each of their 13 albums is an extension of The Greens’ God-given talent and calling to win people to Christ and encourage God’s Church. 

Les and Linda Green

Saturday Night - August 5 - 7:00 p.m.


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Our Preacher
Josephus Housey, Jr. (Redeeming the Time Ministries)

     Breaking out of Islamic roots, after multiple encounters with The Holy Spirit, Apostle Josephus pursued an intimate relationship in a new-found love for His Savior Jesus Christ.

The fruit of that intimacy was the inception of Healing Waters Ministries (Springfield, MA) a small church in 2010. Today, the church has expanded and with a honed vision, has been appropriately renamed

     Redeeming The Times Ministry is an apostolic, teaching, and deliverance ministry where individual and church growth in purpose and knowledge of Him are the foundations of Kingdom living. 

     Pastor Josephus brings a uniquely apostolic gifting in ministry as he demonstrates great vision for the Kingdom of God, strong spiritual discernment, and a powerful ministry of impartation as he releases spiritual gifting for ministry in others. We are blessed to have him minister to us in 2023


Our BibleTeacher
Michael K. Gantt - (MK Gantt Ministries)

     Pastor Michael Gantt served White River for more than forty years as a board member, Youth Leader, Worship Leader, and Association President. He was the lead Pastor at Agape Christian Fellowship for almost 40 years.  He is spending his "retirement years"  serving local churches, speaking at conferences, hosting a weekly radio program, and maintaining an active social media presence. He is the author of seven books including CRY MERCY, CRY REPENT, OLD PATHS AND ANCIENT MARKERS, and OVER AND ABOVE.  He often comments on social and political issues from a uniquely biblical viewpoint on his website which is found at


Our Worship Leader
Missy Townsend

    Missy Townsend has been singing in churches from the age of 5.  As a young teenager she was part of a worship team that traveled in the Midwest US and Internationally. She has been leading worship at women’s retreats, district conferences and worship events in Northern New England for the past 20 years and is presently the worship leader at her home church in Windham, Maine.  When she is not leading you will find her pouring into young worship artists and helping guide them into all that God has for them. Her first love is Jesus Christ and she is passionate about seeing people know His heart and live in the fullness of intimacy with Him.  Her desire is to provide an atmosphere where people freely worship, the Kingdom of God is tangible and the Holy Spirit transforms lives as God’s goodness shows up in the most creative ways. 

Wayne and Robyn Stires

     Wayne and Robyn Stires have been at the helm of our Young People's Institute for twenty-seven years. Robyn handles the teaching responsibilities and Wayne brings strong leadership and mentoring skills to the team. Together they form a powerful team that year after year they bring a dynamic program to the camp. Young People's Institute always includes strong Biblical teaching, creative activity programs, and ample opportunities for strong relationships to develop between teens. 

     In recent years the Stires have implemented several events that draw multiple generations together in various fun and edifying events. Adults and teens join together in high powered competition and deep spiritual bonding; the joining of the generations. 



Children's Ministry (VBS)
Heather Traudt

     Heather Traudt is a highly experienced teacher. She started teaching Sunday school and VBS as a teenager. Because of her passion for education, Heather graduated from Castleton State college with a degree in mathematics and elementary education. She has taught at a private Christian school, public school systems and most recently she has spent the last 12 years educating her three children at home. Heather loves teaching children about Jesus and that is evident in the joy and excitement she brings to camp.


Food Services
Nathan Chechile

     So many of our key staff and leaders are part of multiple generations that have blessed and been blessed by White River Camp. Nathan Chechile is one such person. He grew up on the grounds with his family and as an adult has embraced the vision of generational ministry. His parents have been keenly involved in the ministry of White River and now Nathan's family have taken up the mantle. He is married to Elizabeth (who is on our finance committee) and together they have four children. 

     Nathan is a professional cook at a key New England Prep School and brings his considerable skills to the kitchen and dining at White River. Nathan is highly creative and brings great skill to our kitchen.  In addition to leading our kitchen and dining crew, Nathan serves as a member of our board of directors. 

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