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Audio files of Preaching and teaching sessions will be posted here for download during and/or shortly after camp. 

Josephus Housey, Jr. 
Redeeming the Time Ministries
Agawam, Massachusetts
Sunday Night - August 6 - As It Was In The Days of Noah
Monday Night - August 7- Tend and Keep Your Garden
Tuesday Night - August 8 - God's Order
Wednesday Night - August 9 - Showing Honor
Thursday Night - August 10 - Suffering Ascension (very heavy rain can be heard in the background - audio is good though. 
Friday Night - August 11- Asking and Declaring (Final Worship Service)
Michael K. Gantt
Michael Gantt Ministries/Agape Christian Fellowship
Brattleboro, Vermont
Monday Morning - August 7 - A Case of Stolen Identity
Tuesday Morning - August 8 -  The Spirit of Babylon
Wednesday Morning - August 9 -  Old Paths and Ancient Markers
Thursday Morning - August 10 -  Remember to Remember
Friday Morning - August 11 -  Kingdoms in Conflict
Saturday Morning - August 12-  The Prophetic Voice of Prayer
Robyn Stires
Director of Mercy Ministries
Brattleboro, Vermont

Several folks have asked about printed notes for Pastor Michael's Adult Class - The Prophetic Voice of Prayer. To download those notes click the link here. 

Monday Morning - August 7 -  Where Are You?
Tuesday Morning - August 8 -  Whose Driving the Car?
Wednesday Morning - August 9 - The Bite of the Viper 
Thursday Morning - August 10 -  The Python Breaks You with its Stronghold

Pastor Bryan Gantt
WRC Vice President - Lead Pastor at Agape Christian Fellowship
Brattleboro, Vermont
Sunday Morning, August 6 - THE ALTAR  
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