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Young Peoples Institute 2023

Twelve to Eighteen Year Olds

Are you the guilty party? Do you have a strong alibi? Can you find the right evidence to make your case? 

Because there is one thing always true. 
Its always there:

The Truth!

You just need to look for it.

Join us for a thrilling week of mystery and maybe even murder!

Can you solve the case? 

Mystery Week

Open to Young People 12 - 18

For registration information contact Robyn Stires at

Robyn Stires

Youth Bible classes are taught by Robyn Stires. Robyn has unleashed her dynamic teaching style on our youth for more than twenty years now. She is creative in her presentation and ties all of her teaching together with exciting and challenging activities. 


Young Peoples Institute, while filled with great and fun-filled programming, focuses on strong, biblical teaching of the Word of God. Young people are exposed to uncompromising truth from the Bible in a way that equips them to faithfully walk out their life in Christ. 


YPI Directors
Wayne and Robyn Stires

     Wayne and Robyn Stires have stood at the helm of this dynamic youth ministry for more than twenty years. Their creative leadership style combines strong biblical teaching with imaginative, coordinated activities.
     In addition to steering this important part of WRC ministry forward, they are committed to training a new generation of leadership for the future. 

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